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Luxurious and Functional Shuttle Fitouts: Discover Jackson's Minibus Excellence

Looking for a shuttle fitout that is not only comfortable, but also stylish and functional? Look no further than our Jackson’s minibus fitouts, where we pride ourselves on the superior quality of our interior fitout.

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Comfortable Minibuses with Added Amenities for a Relaxing Journey

Our minibuses are designed with comfort in mind, featuring ergonomic seating for a relaxed and enjoyable ride. But that’s not all – we also offer a range of additions to make your customer’s journey even more enjoyable, such as air conditioning, automatic side step and side door grab handles.

Passenger Safety: A Top Priority for Shuttle Minibuses

In addition to comfort, passenger safety is a top priority for shuttle minibuses. All seats are equipped with seat belts for each passenger, and cargo barriers can be installed for luggage carrying.

Flexible Seating Arrangement in Shuttle Minibuses for Easy PSV Compliance

The seating arrangement in shuttle minibuses is flexible within the PSV rules, allowing for various seating configurations to accommodate different group sizes and luggage needs, and we can take your minibus through for the first measure up for PSV and COF so when you get your new minibus you are ready to get on the road and transporting your customers straight away.

Premium Minibus Experience: Exquisite Materials and Finishes

Our attention to detail extends to the materials and finishes we use in our minibuses. From durable and easy-to-clean upholstery to sleek and modern trim, covered side panels and non-slip flooring we have thought of every detail to ensure a premium experience for your passengers.

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