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Cargo Barriers

Fitouts for Cargo Safety

Fitouts for cargo barriers or bulkheads are an essential safety feature for those who use their vehicle to transport goods. These fitouts are designed to prevent cargo from moving forward and potentially causing harm to passengers or damage to the vehicle.

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Jacksons' Strong and Durable Cargo Barriers and Bulkheads

Cargo barriers or bulkheads Jacksons fit are made from strong and durable steel mesh, solid steel or fibre glass, and are designed to fit securely within the vehicle’s cargo area. Bulkheads have the added advantage of reducing air flow from which helps reduce smells and fumes from your cargo.

Improved Cargo Area Organisation & Efficiency with Added Safety

In addition to safety, cargo barriers can also help to increase the organisation and efficiency of the cargo area. By preventing items from shifting during transit, cargo barriers can make it easier to load and unload goods, and help to protect valuable items from damage.

Overall, fitouts for cargo barriers offer a vital safety feature for those who transport goods in their vehicle, and are an excellent choice for anyone looking to protect their cargo and enhance the safety of their vehicle.

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