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School Transport

Student Transport, Prioritising Safety & Comfort with Minibuses

When it comes to transporting students to and from school or extracurricular activities, safety and comfort are paramount. That’s why many schools choose to use minibuses, which are smaller than traditional school buses but still offer ample space for passengers and can be driven on a standard licence.

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Comfort & Accessibility for School Transport

Jacksons have a range of minibus seating for schools includes seats with high backs headrests and ample padding, designed to keep students comfortable even during longer trips.

In addition, minibuses can have steps and grab handles fitted, making it easier for students to board and exit the vehicle. Jacksons can fitout many makes and models of vehicles to also feature wheelchair accessibility, allowing students with mobility needs to be accommodated as well.

Overall, a minibus fitout by Jacksons offer a safe and comfortable transportation option for schools, allowing students to travel to and from school or activities with peace of mind for parents, caregivers and educators.

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