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Hand Controls & Mobility Modifications

Vital Vehicle Modifications for People with Physical Disabilities

Hand control and mobility modifications in vehicles are essential for individuals with physical disabilities who want to maintain their independence and freedom to travel. These modifications allow individuals to operate vehicles safely and comfortably, regardless of their physical limitations. Hand controls are the most common modification, which replaces foot pedals with hand-operated levers, allowing the driver to control the gas and brakes. Other modifications can include modified seats, steering wheel knobs, and wheelchair lifts to help with vehicle entry and exit. With these modifications, individuals with physical disabilities can experience the freedom and convenience of driving, allowing them to participate in activities such as work, school, and social events.

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Exploring Hand Controls & Mobility Modifications for Vehicle Accessibility

If you or someone you know has a physical disability that affects their ability to operate a vehicle, it may be worth exploring the range of hand control and mobility modifications available.

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